ROEF Rooftop Festival Amsterdam A'DAM Lookout

A’DAM Lookout

Friday June 7

Rooftop pétanque

Bienvenue at the highest pétanque court ever: all the way on top of A’DAM LOOKOUT. Last summer, 10 lucky birds camped at our Rooftop Camping. This year a different holiday theme and again pretty damn unique and intimate.

The Tactische Bosspelen Club (Amsterdam’s game pros, known from festival Into The Great Wide Open, Living Stratego and Flag Robbery games) are hosting the court. They will encourage you like no other, led by ball master Daniel Éclat aka Danny Spark. Every pot of petanque is quick and all about winning… winners deserve a glass of Pernod, bien sur! Are your pétanque skills any good at a height of 100 meters?

A’DAM Lookout

The A’DAM Toren is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known towers. It’s pretty hard to miss. Go all the way up to the A’DAM LOOKOUT and visit the observation deck for the swings and the astonishing panoramic view over the center, harbor, and wide hinterland of Noord. Annual indulgence is a must. During ROEF, the new and improved 100-meter swings (Europe’s highest!) will have just opened up for business! Pay €5, – and hop on.

Foto: Dennis Bouman