Floor 6

Friday June 7

Art installation and DJ’s

Interdisciplinary culture festival ODAM transforms the penthouse of Floor6 into a big art installation by Bela Rofe accompanied by ODAM DJ’s. For one evening ODAM has brought the ocean to the top floor. ODAM invites you to contemplate the view of an unseen, forgotten world that exists beneath us. It is an attempt to reconnect us to the origins of our evolution and let us think about Climate Change. We’re in it together.

Floor 6

Floor6 is a hidden gem at great height, which normally, you wouldn’t be able to just visit. Right in the center next to CS, you’ll find Floor6 in the former building of Vinke & Co, as still engraved in their frontage. These shipping lads did pretty well for themselves. Today, it has a penthouse on the 6th floor with two roof terraces. Amazing views guaranteed.

Adres: De Ruijterkade 107-6, 1011 AB Amsterdam

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