ROEF Rooftop Festival Amsterdam Vondel Disco

NEMO Science Museum

Saturday June 8

Silent Disco

Yasss. Vondel Disco (aka the Godfather of all silent disco festivals) is doing a ROEF take-over. Silent disco on the roof! For 5 years straight, the Vondel Disco has been the grooviest silent disco of Amsterdam with the hottest hits and highest hands in the air. Way back, they started in the Vondeltuin and their success (read: sold out all the time) hasn’t wavered since. Vondel Disco is always on the road, but decided to perch on the roof of NEMO Science Museum just for us.


At Nemo you’ll find the Rainbar: the only bar in the world where it rains inside! Experience ánd taste what we can do with rainwater. Slip into a raincoat, because Heavy Shower = Happy Hour! Whenever it rains you’ll drink Rainbeer, beer made of rainwater.

More often it’s raining heavily in the Netherlands. If we don’t do anything streets will be flooded and we’ll get soaking wet. How can we collect and use rainwater? The Rainbar is created by ROEF for Amsterdam Rainproof, Water Sensitive Rotterdam and Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht.

NEMO Science Museum

An iconic building with an iconic roof. When he designed the roof, the Italian architect Renzo Piano had a Mediterranean town square in mind. And that’s exactly what it feels like; a busy piazza where there’s always something going on. Here, you’ll find the outdoor exhibition Energetica about sun-, wind-, and waterpower, sustainable energy, and self-operable sculptures.