ROEF Rooftop Festival Amsterdam


Saturday June 8

Café Rouge & Amsterdam Music Project

On the most attractive roofs of Amsterdam, you will find Café Rouge For one night, musicians, spoken-word artists, DJ’s, and creatives will take over Zoku. Café Rouge, founded by Miray van der Bend and Bella van Buren, offers their stage to unknown talent and spreads word-art like no other. Café Rouge is looking to break taboos, always in search of rough edges, open-minded. A creative bubble and an intimate café at the same time.

That isn’t all: for ROEF, the traveling literary platform joins forces with Amsterdam Music Project. By now, Amsterdam Music Project is a very popular Zoku regular, famous from The Rooftop Jazz Club and the After Work Acoustic Sessions.

Check the Facebook event for updates: Café Rouge x ROEF


Zoku, oh Zoku…. You are so beautiful. Take the elevator and get off in a greenhouse surrounding you with plants and green roof terraces. Thanks to the (improved) ‘rooftop herb garden’, the cocktails and dishes are extra tasty with the view over the Magere Brug. The ROEF take-over touches down in the back, so walk passed the first bar and pass the kitchen to get to the ROEF take-over.