Photo: Raymond van Mil

ROEF 2021 ▵ thanks!

We are still in the clouds

ROEF 2021 was a great success in its adapted version! Thanks to all visitors and of course our partners, locations and program partners.

See you up there!

Photo: Lotte Dale


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    About ROEF

    ​​ROEF showcases the city’s highest potential, because roofs in proper use offer opportunities for climate adaptation, sustainable energy and crowds in the city. Did you know that the undeveloped Amsterdam roof landscape is no less than 12 km² in size? That is more than 25 times the size of the Vondelpark. The future of the Amsterdam roof landscape according to ROEF? The largest public rooftop park in the Netherlands, where you can walk from roof, to roof, to roof via air bridges! Will you join us?