ROEF Expedition

03.09.22 | 5:00 – 11:00 p.m.
+ Afterparty | 11:00 p.m. – 03:00 a.m.

ROEF Expedition

03.09.22 | 5:00 – 11:00 p.m.
+ Afterparty | 11:00 p.m. – 03:00 a.m.

Would you like to join us on an expedition along the six coolest roofs in Amsterdam Center and East? With a ROEF expedition ticket you are free to hop from roof to roof. On each roof you’ll find a high quality program: from live music and karaoke to silent disco. In between, you will find inspiration in spoken word, a sustainable pub quiz, tastings and more. Not to mention the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views. There’s no set route, so get out there and enjoy.

We advise to come by bike, but you can also go by foot. The minimum age for the ROEF Expedition is 18 years.

Locations & Programme


Foto: ZOKU Amsterdam


Zoku is one of the most beautiful rooftops in the city and should not be missed at the ROEF Expedition. On the top floor of the building you will find the well-known greenhouse full of plants with green roof terraces on both sides. One roof terrace further (behind the relaxed café) you will be face to face with the famous Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge).


On such a beautiful location fits a finger-licking delicious program. Jason Tjon Affo, award-winning cookbook author, will host three mini-tastings and tell you all about vegan soul food and his super colorful and inspiring cookbooks. Registration for this tasting is full.

Stay afterwards or make a special detour, because there is delicious live music by Krusty Fondant from Lisbon (thanks, Amsterdam Music Project). Krusty Fondant is a collective of (many!) musicians from all over the world. And you can hear it: they mix Afrobeat, Sahel Rock, Turkish tunes with Jazz, Funk, Hiphop and electronic music.

Foto: Capital C

Capital C

This location is worth a (regular) visit. On the spot where diamonds were once traded, you will now find a creative hub with an impressive skylight as a roof. This dome is not only beautiful, but also has integrated solar cells that generate energy and it provides the perfect temperature year round. The green roof next to it acts as a rainwater buffer and increases biodiversity, filters particulates from the air and traps CO2.


At the end of the afternoon, ROEF, together with some “roof residents” and partners, will present a retrospective of the beautiful 2022 Rooftop Season. And equally interesting: a look ahead to the year 2025. Curious what ROEF has in store for you? Come and toast with us in the highlight.

Or you can drop in for science pubquiz led by Fred Glimlach. There are several rounds, so hook in! Made possible by the UVA.

The Brazilian rhythm of Roda Da Holanda makes Capital C buzz. At Roda da Holanda you get lost in rousing rhythms and melancholic sounds of samba. Live music in an intimate setting: the musicians sit at a table and the audience gather around them. You can do nothing but join. Dancing, laughing, singing, whatever. Before you know it you are in the middle of the music… and you are the music.

In between the sets you can enjoy the tunes of DJ Gatinha.


Foto: Marc Deurloo

Volkshotel Badplaats

Atop the ever-bustling Volkshotel, everything is zen. Hot tubs and saunas are waiting for you. Usually only within reach of hotel guests and incubator fortune tellers, but now also for everyone on ROEF expedition. With a nice view, bar and changing room. So don’t forget your swimwear.


From the hot tub or from the bar you will behold a beautiful program about the changing city. Benjamin Fro – committed poet, musician and MC – talks to his favorite poets. Together with Tijdelijke Toon, Jan Modaal and Gaia Willemars, Benjamin presents ‘a look at the city’, expressed by poets. What would they like to change? Where are the opportunities?

Ga mee naar boven


Foto: Tom Baas

The Student Hotel (City)

At The Student Hotel you have a far-reaching view. As part of the ROEF expedition you can go up to the 13th(!) floor. The co-working space has a balcony that runs (almost) all the way around. Don’t let the name fool you: besides being a hotel, The Student Hotel is also a true hub for co-living and co-working for creatives, students, locals and travelers.


Formerly the boardroom of The Student Hotel… now a place to let your voice be heard. Be surprised, convinced and carried away by the extravagant Erin Tasmania and Dynno Dada. Sing your heart out – you’re at a great height after all – or scream your lungs out in the pop-up karaoke bar. Either way, enjoy the view.


Foto: GAPP


GAPP is the green beer garden on the roof of Hotel Casa, near Amstel Station and the Ringdijk. High above the bustling city, you really have a beautiful view, complemented by a special beer list that is for a lack of a better word extra special. Either way, take all your friends to the greenery on the 8th floor. Drinks, comfort food… what more could you want? Well for example… live music? Sure. And more.


The beginning of the evening is devoted to the fascinating world of microbes in our own bodies. Yep. Moritz, founder of Sauercrowd – the brand for fermented products – will give a fermentation workshop. Why ferment? It’s delicious, healthy and allows you to preserve your vegetables for an extra long time. Registration for this workshop is full.

There will be live music by Shaggy Greys (and friends): the band of Dean Medina, initiator of Amsterdam Music Project and the supplier of live music during the ROEF expeditions. He describes it as a ‘high energy mix of folk-rock-reggae, with a touch of soul and lots of groove’. That sounds great, right?


Foto: Marvin Duiker

Spaces Amstel

That Spaces offers (co)working at a high level is well known, but did you know that the building near the Amstel has a roof terrace waiting for you? Walk through the bright atrium (hello, roof with solar panels!) to the elevators and get on your feet. View: check. Let’s dance.


On the large roof terrace of Spaces, we go wild in the silent disco. Dancing on the roof. You just have to see it…

van dak naar dak naar dak

Partners of the ROEF expeditie 2022: