ROEF 2020

In the weekend of September 4th, ROEF hosted a new and improved rooftop program. Entirely in the theme of 2020: a little different than usual.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned to appreciate during corona, it’s space within the city. A place to get some fresh air and recharge, to enjoy nature without having to worry about your 1,5-meter aura. That’s why ROEF invited you up again: to the roofscape with all its spacious potential. Especially now.

Of course we’ve captured the program in photo’s and video’s. We’ve recorded the livestreams of the Rooftop Symposium by Rooftop Revolution and the Stadsleven Talkshow on Friday, watch the livestreams here. At the Rooftop Roulette on Saturday, a surprise route from roof to roof to roof, we took a lot of pictures, check out the pictures here.

Photo: World of Me Marie