ROEF 2020 Explore

4 + 5 + 6 september

September 4 through September 6, ROEF is hosting a new and improved rooftop program at ROEF 2020 ▵ Explore. Entirely in the theme of 2020: a little different than usual.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned to appreciate during corona, it’s space within the city. A place to get some fresh air and recharge, to enjoy nature without having to worry about your 1,5-meter aura. That’s why ROEF invites you up again: to the roofscape with all its spacious potential. Especially now. Come up and seize this new city with its amazing rooftops via our do-it-yourself program we designed for you!

The Explore weekend is well-stocked: from Rooftop Roulette to Yoga on the Roof, and from the Stadsleven Talkshow to the Rooftop Symposium for pro’s. Get down to it! Gain new experiences, knowledge… and be blown away during any one of our cool workshops. Not just our program is well-stocked; our fridge is as well. We know that exploring is hard work, so we’ll provide you with ice-cold soda’s, breathtaking views and musical surprises. We all deserve a little pick-me-up, right?

Tickets for the Rooftop Roulette, thé highlight of the Saturday afternoon of September 5, start selling exactly one month in advance (August 5). Learn more about Rooftop Roulette and tickets (again a little different than usual). This ticket gives you a 50% discount on any other rooftop program at ROEF 2020 ▵ Explore.

ROEF closely follows the RIVM guidelines regarding COVID-19 and highly values the health of our visitors and employees at the locations.

Foto: World of Me Marie